Friday, May 8, 2015

A little help from my friends

So this past weekend found me at Harris Hills Road track just south of Austin, TX. It was a great "test and tune" day I have been needing. It was really a rush to go WOT and not worry about the neighbors calling the cops! Harris Hills Road is a great track too.

On track at Harris Hills Road
I have to thank all those that helped me get there, and those that helped me get around there.
So in no particular order I want to thank Brenda, Rick, Fernando, Robert, Dave, Bill and Rod.
I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Bill adjusting the timing
So, what did we accomplish? After unloading and suiting up, I took her out for two laps. I realized I'd left my "safety" pins in the fire system and thought it might be a good idea to pit and remove those. I have yet to get a routine down. Sputtering in, Dave suggested we "adjust something", not just go back out and burn expensive fuel! He suggested adjusting timing or jetting. So I asked Bill to get a wrench and the stubby screwdriver and let's move the timing one way or the other. Turns out Bill retarded the timing and I went back out. She seem to run a little better so after two laps I came back in and had him retard it a few degrees more. She ran a bit better so we retarded it a few degrees more.

This time it seemed to get a bit worse so I pitted and had Bill move it back and went back out for a few more laps. She still had no top end. I could get to around 5K rpm if I feathered the throttle but if I just put my foot to the floor she would bog down. At this point, I came back in and had Bill change the main jets from 130's to 140's. 

Trying to figure out what we figured out...

One thing I should mention is after about the second or third run, Bill and Dave noticed fuel leak (again) from between the carb and the manifold. Bill tried to tighten the bolts but it still was leaking. I'd put a new anti-vibration mount and rubber washers but it still leaked. I'll tackle this issue in another post but I think a little porting is in order. Also, Dave and Bill notice an oil leak. Two actually, one near the front of the engine and one towards the rear. So with the fuel leak and the oil leaks, Dave thought it best if put her back on the trailer. He did said go out for three more laps which I promptly did!

This is never a good sign
Once home, I put her on jack stands and crawled under her. The leak from the from appears to be the oil cooler hoses needing tightening. The rear leak looks like gearbox, as oil is dripping from the "weep" hole in the bell housing. I recall the bottom bolt in the bell housing had some blue RTV on it and I pulled it and put some gasket sealer on it. I don't recall if it had a copper washer on it but after finding the misplaced copper washer on the rear engine oil seal, I should have checked. A rebuilt kit is on it's way and this weekend will find me pulling the gearbox out.

Running much better than where we started
The oil pan lip was dry as was the timing cover and when I checked the oil level on the dipstick, it was at the full mark.  I was quite happy to see that! I pulled the carb off and I found a couple things that might be the cause of the leak. I bought this Weber 45 DCOE back in around 1987 or 88, I was living in Daytona Beach at the time. It has seen many, many miles. I noticed the mounting holes to be a bit wallowed out. Also, when I put the anti-vibration mount on the manifold, it really doesn't line up with the ports.
I'll look into that this weekend as well.

A little help from my friends

And again, thanks for all the help from my friends!!!!

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