Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pushing a bit too far

So I order new shorter pushrods from SMITH BROTHERS PUSHRODS. Like a lot of the custom parts in the motor they are truly works of art I hate to have to cover up. Form and Function I guess.
None the less, they worked perfectly. She fired up and idled right down.

There was stil a bit of a misfire and after some fiddling and fussing it appears the Pertronix unit gave up the ghost. A quick call to my good friend Mike McPhail to see if he had a replacement unit. He did as well as a new Pertronix distributor. My thoughts were go with the new distributor to rule out and dizzy wear that might be in the old one. I must say though, the "old" one sure looked new.

So now with new shorter pushrods and a new dizzy, I fired her up and she roared back to life. She still seemed a bit rough at idle. I then turned my thoughts the possibility I might have an air leak somewhere. I sprayed some WD40 around the intake/exhaust manifold gasket, no change. Next, I thought about the leather seals on the throttle shaft of my DCOE. As this carb had been sitting on my shelf for ten plus years and the seals were NOT part of the rebuild kit just maybe they were dried and leaking. I took a bottle of 90 weight gear oil and carefully poured some oil around the shaft ends and worked the throttle back and forth. Not sure but it sure seemed like that did the trick!

She idled smooth again and seems happy now. Time will tell.

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