Monday, March 16, 2015

No LUCAS here!

One thing I absolute hate working on is electrics. Good thing my brother Mike loves it! I always seem to end up calling him whenever I am doing anything that has to with current, voltage, amps, watts, ohms, etc. Well maybe not etc. but all the other!

As luck would have it, one real pleasant "surprise" was this was done for me. The car had wired in-line fuses to the electrical system. I probably would have never thought to do this till it was too late. It is a real first class job too, the fuses are mounted on the  main switch panel, so that if one blows you can easily see which it is. Each fuse is above the toggle switch it "guards". Very nice touch!

Another nice touch, was the heavy duty master kill switch. It's the real beefy all metal kind. 

The tail light lenses where gone but the lamps worked so I ordered some new ones from Roadster Factory.

For some reason, I can't seem to find a headlight switch...
 Another item I would not have wanted to figure out, a new MSD ignition and coil were also wired in, THANK YOU BOBBY.  Even less appealing to me would have been to get all pretzeled out trying to squeeze in between the roll cage bars to mount the MSD box. It's tucked up so high up in the passenger's footwell you can hardly even see it. I don't even think I have a picture of it because I keep forgetting it's up there.

The electrics all seem to be in perfect order and she always turns over with the push of the starter button. It's super nice to have that sorted out and Bobby even gave me his wiring diagram which I had him sign and it's now hanging on my garage wall. I'll post a pic of it soon.

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